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Dao Anh Khanh

A Flower Girl

A Flower Girl

A Sounding Space

A Sounding Space

Direction of Stones

Direction of Stones

Living With Nature

Living With Nature

Music of Nature

Music of Nature



Dao Anh Khanh


  • Birth Date and Place: 1959, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Graduated from the Hanoi Police Academy, 1981.
  • Graduated from the Hanoi Industrial Arts Academy, 1990.
  • Member of Vietnam Fine Arts Association

Of all the people I’ve met in my life, Anh Khanh is one of the most interesting, outside of any box people I’ve met.

– Tom Linzmeier, owner, Two Tigers Gallery

Dao Anh Khanh, a surrealist, is an internationally recognized leader among Asian artists who are breaking away from traditional, stylistic, and political constraints. His mind knows no limits, escaping to the outer reaches of the universe in search of tranquility, and finding explosions of renewed personal energy on the way. He is the consummate romanticist, hearing musical instruments and enchanting strains even in the most violent windstorms or disturbances at sea. Dao Anh Khanh is an avowed environmentalist, sculptor, performing artist, musician and painter. His paintings are in lacquer on canvas as well as lacquer on wood.

Visit the BBC NEWS Website to see video of Dao Anh Khanh.

Performance & Installation

  • October, 1999: Studio Anh Khanh, Hanoi
  • November, 2000: Studio Anh Khanh, Hanoi
  • Summer 2001: performance for documentary on Contemporary Art in  Vietnam
  • July, 2001: Center for Contemporary Art, Hanoi
  • September, 2001: Asia Window in Art Center, Hanoi
  • Winter 2002: Biannual Contemporary Art Festival, Liverpool, London
  • July, 2002: Nha Trang beach
  • August, 2002: Studio Anh Khanh, Hanoi
  • January, 2003: Dance Theater Workshop, New York City, U.S.A.
  • February, 2003: “Dao Xuan I”, Studio Anh Khanh, Hanoi
  • Spring, 2003: Baden, Switzerland
  • December, 2003: Performance festival, Hong Kong
  • August, 2004: Bates Dance Festival, Maine, U.S.A.
  • February, 2004: “Dao Xuan II”, Studio Anh Khanh, Hanoi
  • November, 2004: opening of artists’ village, Dalat, Vietnam
  • February, 2005: “Dao Xuan III”, Studio Anh Khanh, Hanoi
  • June, 2005: Music performance for “Fete de la Musique,” French Cultural Center, Hanoi
  • July, 2005: Performance/installation with American choreographer, Stephan Koplowitz, at French Cultural Center, Hanoi
  • March – 2006 Dao Xuan 4 in studio Anh Khanh – Ngoc Thuy – Long Bien – Ha Noi.
  • June – 2006 DTW(Dance theatre Workshop) New York City.
  • March – 2006 Dao Xuan 4 in studio Anh Khanh – Ngoc Thuy – Long Bien – Ha Noi.
  • Oct – 2006 Performance Barcelona – Spain.
  • Nov – 2006 Performance “flight” for Saigon open city at studio Anh Khanh – Ha Noi.


  • September, 1990: Hanoi Exhibition House, Hang Bai
  • October, 1991: Studio Anh Khanh, Hanoi
  • Summer 1992: Studio Anh Khanh, Hanoi
  • Autumn 1993: Hanoi Exhibition House, Ngo Quyen
  • Winter 1993: Ho Chi Minh City Art Center
  • March, 1995: (4 artists) Hanoi Exhibition House, Hang Bai
  • June, 1995: Paris, France, Vietnam Cultural House
  • October, 1995: Beijing, China, Vietnamese Art Exhibit
  • Winter 1996: Jakarta, Indonesia, gallery
  • March, 1997: New York, U.S.A., Alliance Francaise
  • May, 1997: Boston, U.S.A., University gallery
  • June, 1997: Palm Springs, California, U.S.A., gallery
  • 1998: Washington, D.C., U.S.A., Meridian International Center
  • 1998: New London, CT U.S.A., gallery
  • 2003: Hanoi, Melia Hotel
  • September, 2004: Baden, Switzerland, “Art Hotel”
  • May, 2006: New York City
  • April, 2007: Hanoi
  • March – 2007 Dao xuan 5 in studio Anh Khanh – Ngoc Thuy – Long Bien – Ha Noi.
  • April – 2007 Performance in National convention hall – Ha Noi.
  • May – 2007 Private show for former Prime Minister Gerhard Schroeder in studio Anh Khanh.
  • June – 2007 Performance in Opera house Ha Noi.