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Le Thuy





Pink Lips

Pink Lips



Le Thuy


  • Birth Date and Place: 1988, Thieu Hoa, Viet Nam
  • 2006 Graduated from Thanh Hoa Art and Culture College.
  • 2013 Graduated from Vietnam Fine Art University.

Artist’s Statement:

Women are always the endless love in my heart.

I want to tell everyone a story about women. When I was child, I lived with my grandmother who was a great woman. Thinking about her makes me recall a woman with a glasses on her eyes and a newspaper in her hands, reading it word by word.

She attended a popular class when she was a small child. So she knew how to spell. Then her mother forbade her to attend that class and forced her to go to work. “What do you go to school for? It is just to write letter for man’’ she said.

Since then she stopped going to school, and followed her mom diligently. Her life was very hard after her husband died and she did not get married again although she was still very young at that time. It is because in the past, people had a prejudice against women whose husband died. They were not allowed to get married again and had to live alone to look after their children.
And afterwards, my mum was the same, she kept looking after us without marrying again when my dad died and I was still small. I loved and worried about her very much, I did ask her many times that “why don’t you get married again for your own life’’ but she said “I don’t want to do that because I don’t want to take objection or bad words from the people in family and all over, I want to give all my love for you”.

The life of oriental women was a certain way; tradition used to be a big constraint. They were never an individual but general. They were neither allowed to live differently nor think for themselves, they had to think for others and the life seemed to be arranged.

They used to live in rule of behavior, or in old habits – that tradition was set up long time ago. I don’t want to be like that, I like life to live liberally. That is the reason why I want to use my Art to destroy completely that implicit string that tied their soul as well as their life so tightly. I really like them to think of themselves more and live more meaningfully.


One thought always comes into my mind that a women’s body is the most beautiful thing among what the creator awards to us, so why we do let other people give compliments or abuse; why don’t we contemplate ourselves in the mirror and love ourselves? Our lips, hair ,and body are beautiful. We are full of the joys of our own space.


This is my imaginary portrait. I want to identify myself with a different life, playing a role of a girl who has a licentious life and just getting interested in her own emotion only. Maybe everyone will underestimate me, that I am a bad girl, but my girl still remains, still lives without purpose, and sees life haughtily.

Maybe this is just my slight feeling about life.

People often say that only old people are able to appreciate life. However, just past being a teenager a little bit, I have seen so many things that happened to me and my family. I do not say that I am an experienced person but life has taught me to have a personality; to be cautions before everything. It is opposite to my younger sister, she always loves life, believes in beautiful things.

Pink Lips:

Her joy is her daily sense. “Sister! Am I beautiful with this suit? Is this hair style suitable for me? This lipstick color is so nice, you want to try it, don’t you?’’ she said…Those questions often remain in my mind. Staying with her, I always feel protected and safe. I don’t know what to call its name and define what it means but I only like to feel it to love life more and to consider life as a blooming flower.


  • 2012 Took part in Tested project and Video art “ Students are Arts” at Vietart center, 42 Yết Kiêu, Hà Nôi.
  • 2013 Took part in Group Exhibition “ Nature Colour “ at Nguyen Art Gallery, 31 A Văn miếu, Hà Nội.