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About Us

Two Tigers Gallery (TTG) is an internet gallery that is about art, travel, personal connections collecting unique items. As a veteran of the Vietnam / American, owner Tom Linzmeier has a strong emotional connection to the country of VietNam. Tom has always been an eclectic collector and loves getting to know unique individuals! This quest to understand and experience, gives purpose to travel and life experience. Viet Nam and SE Asia is a core destination for exploration that began in 1970 for Tom. Tom now lives in Hanoi five months of the year. Even after many trips, he is still discovering unique art, collectibles and experiences! Tom has built very strong friendships and connections through his travel experience. TTG would love to share a unique life experience with you through art, travel and even business connections!

We make it easy!

Ask us about collecting art, unique travel experiences and relationship building –Considering a business relationship in Vietnam? Start with a unique travel experience and we’ll connect you to the people you need to know for your business relationships! We would love hearing from you and seeing if we can be of help to you.

Become a Collector of Original Art

Lay-a-Way Plan
15% Down and 9% Monthly Payments

Client Satisfaction Guaranteed

For information regarding purchases, returns and exchanges, read our policies.


Once in a lifetime unique & personalized experience of Hanoi, VietNam or SE Asia with Tom as your travel guide. Get to Know us; you will be glad you did!